Aloha Raw is proud to offer the best culinary choices you can make on Maui. We manufacture delicious artisan gourmet ‘life food’ products only from selected vegan, organic and sustainable ingredients, mostly locally grown on Maui. We are using a state of the art fermentation process for our Probiotics rich condiments and state of the art stone grinding process for our chocolate spreads, that makes food a medicine for the body, mind and soul. The colorful and artistic presentation of the food will make it joyful to eat, while the synergetic combinations of ingredients and high nutritional value will make you feel energized and uplifted after using our products in every meal.

The unique quality of our products is that none of the nutrients, vitamins or enzymes are destroyed in the process of preparation, because it is never heated beyond 117 Fahrenheit. We do not use highly hybridized fruits and vegetables, such as corn, soy, potatoes, grains, rice. We do not use products and fruits with a high glycemic index. We do not use yeast or mushrooms. We do not use hydrogenated or any kind of added oils. All products are prepared at Cerified Commercial Satvic Vegetarian Cold Kitchen, which means absence of any animal products or high temperature heated oils around our preparation process.

This conscious way of eating not only makes you feel and look youthful and energized, but also supports organic farming and tree planting – necessary factors for a sustainable future on our planet. The non-violent aspect infuses our cuisine with pure karma, while the love and good intentions that go into the food’s preparation add a powerful charge. All our products are freshly prepared in small batches to ensure quality and flavor.

Our mission is to help you awaken your higher consciousness through your dietary choices.


Chef Den Koro & Aloha Lani