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We use only locally grown cabbage from organic farms or farms transitioning to organic agriculture. We use best available, local to Hawaii, ocean 2000 ft. deep water harvested and sundried Kona Sea Salt, which preserves the balance of elements and minerals found in Hawaii’s unique deep sea water, contains about 92 trace minerals and promote body overall health and electrolyte charge. Fermented cabbage fuel healthy gut bacteria and contains choline, a chemical needed for the proper transmission of nerve impulses in the brain and throughout the central nervous system Our fermentation process utilizes directly received knowledge from our ancestors on Cultured Cabbage as well as our own unique over 20 years experience in Cultured Foods. We use clay pods to make our starter culture and then use this culture in every batch for proper fermentation. Every batch is fermented during 3 to 4 weeks, which allows for full completion of the fermentation cycle. After fermentation is complete we stabilize our Probiotic Krauts with local lemons juice. Resulting PH of our product is between 3.1 – 3.6 and it can stay in refrigerator 3 month after opening. Each of our unique Probiotic Krauts has unique additional ingredients and associated properties